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Sam graduated from high school/secondar school today (högstadiet in Swedish), that is – after 9 years they are splitting up for different medium high educations. As in all schools that lead to higher education, the grades are of utmost importance, since they are the foundation for the next step education the children has choosen. Sams grades at Christmas was very well (for a guy LOL) and we all assumed that he would manage to raise them with at least 5-10 points this term. Wll Sams grades was still very well, But whatdoyouknow? His gym/athletic teacher told him a month ago that he probably would have to lower Sam´s grades. Because he hadn’t donn a small paper re. gym class, he needed to run faster than last term in the Cooper test and – he hadn’t led the class for one occation. He wrote  the first very personal, quite passionate, he trained and ran like Bull’s eye on the cooper test but when it came to leading the class – all of a sudden there was not enough lessons. Well said my son, there must be another way – I can teach a class in some of the lower grades. But that was a no-no too – since there where other pupils which hadn’t done that part either so it would not be fair to them. The thing is- Sam has had MVG each term since he got back, so how can all he have accomplished during these terms suddenly be blow out of here, not worth his efforts? You might think I’m a bitch mom that nags about my kids grades, but honestly – this is the first time ver for 9 years that I interfere. I have heard now from neighbors and friends that this teacher is a slimebag, he even told a girl that with looks like hers, she wouldn’t need good grades and she would meke it in this life nevertheresll, TYG that SAm is a guy and not a girl!!

The second issue is the crafts class; in this school (Helenelundsskolan in Sollentuna) they only have crafts one term per year – the other term it is home ed. So when SAm came back to the school he missed the craft class during the fall term (which he had in his former school), then he had VG in the fall terms in the 8th grade and MVG at the crafts in the fall of 2011. An MVG very well honorable cause he had spent all his free time (early mornings, late afternoons, recesses you name it, Sam was in shop working like mad to gt i finished, And not only finished – it looked very good.

So what happens? By some coccominia bullshit the craft teacher have decided that the grades are all of a sudden a mix of all three years achievements…. I got some la-di-da mail form one of the sub principals that I hardly understand ….Think I need to read that mail several times and then see what action I’m going to take. But trust me on this – i am going to take it.

The thing I really wonder is – why didn’t these teachers push Sam earlier on, why come now when there is only 1 term of the school left (and such and important term ) or not shut the fuck up like the wood creaft teacher did? How about som teacher-pupil conversation?

John, my magnificent 13 year old with certain disabilities have now, in the 6th grade 2 VG, 1IG and the rest G, Holy Mahoney how proud am I? Oh, don’t get me wrong – I am immensely proud of Sam to, how hard that guy has worked this last yea and even more, this last term, with one goal only in sight. I hope and pray that his levels will be high enough to get him into Relagymnasiet, ohhhhh, I do know he has the right levels, but you never can know for sure until you have the admittance paper in your hand/email on your computer. And to that there is only 19 days to go……Both me and The DH hope with all our hearts.

Tomorrow I’m going to answer that principal woman and then, contact higher authorities. They have no clue on who they are up against ROFLMAO.

On the good side i can say that I’m still very happy about the party and have to most wonderful sights on my retina and . a pic of Rickard (son of closes cousin) and John, looking like longtime pals or even brothers 🙂 Amazing, simply amazing