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I’m so tired (Roxy Music Avalon), but yeah – it was the best party we have thrown ever. 5 days of intense work, cooking, shopping, planning, renting, shopping, cooking – well you get my drift. But all that work really paid of, all our 34 guests had a great time – luscious (home cooked of course) buffet

( there is not much left except for some slices of bread, some grissini and maybe two skewers each of fish and meat) and plenty of stuff to drink. I had written a speech for The DH and Sam (took more than a week’s tweaking) which I managed to read at dinner dinner without fainting. Some guests even shed a tear or two ;-).

The cake for desert along with various sorts of coffee

After clearing of some of the tables – free bar and some heavy dancing. The DH had made a great playlist with 70 – 90th music, but that didn’t do it for the younger crowd. M, the kids oldest cousin had made a playlist with house and dubstep and after the not yet 50 people had some serious tequila shot race, it was really truly Party’s On Dude LOL. John, my youngest who never have expressed any interest in music except for some house, owned the dance floor. I mean – he is only 13 (and on the shy side) and the others are 26-29ish and experienced clubers and he danced so well and with abandon. And after a while everyone danced, J the second oldest cousin dance with my marvelous neighbor G (from who we borrowed everything from a grill to a coffee brewer), the DH and me and somewhere in the middle of the night, John came back out and came on the dance floor, even though his parents where bopping around <G>.

OK, the quality of that pic is not good, but I got my new camera and have had no time at all to get to know it and without glasses there was no chance in h-l I could see the different settings. It can shoot films and I really wanted to shoot some of the all happy-go-dancing………but I have that film in my head and smile happily just thinking of it:-D

For me who normally is in bed by 10pm, staying up dancing until 3am is pretty remarkable. Once when I came inside John asked me “mom – do you have any idea what time it is?” Yeo I know. “But aren’t you tired?” Nope. “Yayyyyyy” LOL. Arwen and Fiona went indoors long before anyone else, but Diego – the party dog, stayed up with the rest of us. And imagine – he didn’t run away one single time!

Suddenly realized that me and The DH is quite a dynamic due, we do make things happen when we set our minds to it. I feel so mighty pleased that everything turned out the way we had planned and people truly had a great time. Some a too good time… oups. The kitchen and dining room look like a mess (even though we used paper plates and plastic glasses9, but I simply don’t have the energy to clean it up right now. There is always a tomorrow 🙂