I picked up the corsage for Sam’s date and the button hole rose for him – both looking incredible good. Sam spent most part of the afternoon in his room, bet he was a bit nervous….Then after getting ready and The DH helped with the tie, he came downstairs and I swear my heart did a double, if not triple flip. OMFG – he is no longer a youngster but a young man and an incredible good looking one too!! Sorry, but no pics – I have given my kids a solemnly promise that never post them on the internet. I drove Sam to the class pre-party and he told me I could go to bed my normal time, cause he would be alright and “mom you know your can trust me”. Two more of the young men arrived at the same time as Sam and my heart kind of twisted seeing them behave as adult males, a bit of back patting, heads together sharing something …and I was moved to tears.

I went a visited a dear friend and when I drove back home and passed the school, I saw young girls  dressed in beautiful flowing dresses and young men in dark suits, looking handsome and very grown up. Prom night isn’t a Swedish custom, but something we have “imported” along with all the American youth TV series like “That’s so 70th, OCR and many more. Here it has been “adopted” for the graduation of the 9th grade, the last few days spent together before splitting up after 9 years together and  going on to different educations is celebrated in style. The teachers had a “speech” competition and Sam won one of the places. I have read his speech and it was a tribute to his class and my oh my, does my son have his way with words 😀

The borrowed party tents are up, the music system working, enough alcohol to sink a pleasure cruiser ;-O and rental chairs and tables ordered to be picked up tomorrow. I made tapenade today and holders for the food signs. So far I have done everything according to my plan and tomorrow I’m going to do the last (and largest) shopping. I am tired as a bleeep, but how can I sleep before Sam is safely back home? Or maybe I can – just cause I trust him?