* I have washed and dried 2 loads of laundry.

* Finished wrapping 35 sets of knife and fork in paper napkins and tied them with some fancy ribbons. Had a sweet “shabby chic” box in the greenhouse that worked as a holder: 

* Shopped for “dress shoes” (as opposed to sneakers of all kinds LOL) for Sam. Now all his gear (black suit, white shirt and black tie) for the prom on Thursday evening is in order. Just a haircut and a special little something remains. Bought some bowls, don’t have enough to hold sauces and salsas.

* Cooked the trial run of my own barbecue sauce – made the recipe all by myself 🙂 It will be tested on tonights dinner – grilled filet of pork.

* Continue to decide what to have on the buffet menu and – calculate the shopping list.

I know I ought to start on the party planner = what to do each day, but right now I simply can’t wrap my brain around it. Maybe tomorrow?