It has been a while, but there haven’t been much to write about or – too much happening to be able to compose a little something. I think most of my awake time has been spent worrying. Worrying about if Sam will be admitted to Realgymnasiet and if he is – finding him somewhere to live and – him being by himself at the tender age of 16…….. I’ll bet Sam will cope with that situation way much better than me LOL. We will have a close-to confirmed message late this coming week or early the one after.

Then worrying and planning the BIG party we are going to have soon, 33-35 people ;-O. Oh my – how much food, how much drink, where to sit if the weather is as bad as it is today

it’s cold (only +5.7C) heavy rain and quite windy 😦 How will all the dogs behave (at least 7 dogs). I need to have some days of from work to pull this one of, that’s for sure.

Then on Monday Sam called me from school – his bicycle had been stolen, only the front wheel and lock was all that remained:

Tried the non-emergency number at the police at absolutely no avail. How on earth can a police phone be busy for more than 45 minutes? I gave up and did the report on-line, maybe that’s what they want everyone to do? Then the insurance company – they had closed the “accident” phone at 5pm!?! I could wait until next day, but imagine being burglarized and there are no insurance people to talk to? Well, I reached them the next day and the whole issue was walk in the park and today The DH and Sam went bike hunting and found one he liked 🙂

Little Diego just keep on growing and to make sure he don’t reach Ridgeback hight, I have cut of his lunch meal and honestly I don’t think he misses it. But just look here:

He is so much fun this little guy, like when he decided to get into the bathtub:

but couldn’t get out so he looked at me with his sweet little eyes to help him. BTW have you seen a more ugly bathtub ever? It came with the house along with the rest of the bathroom porcelain and we never have got around to change it ;-o

Today is Sukiyaki for dinner (homemade of course) and then the new MI4. I’ll bet it sucks, but still it’s entertaining LOL.

In lack of new books that capture my attention, I’m re-reading James Clavell’s Nobel House. As good as it was back in the 80th 🙂 And no, I haven’t sewn anything in a long time. I do place a bit or two of that Garden delight wallhanging every now and then and then remove one, change the fabric and try again. One of these days…………….