the first Monday of our obedience class I was struck by the need to make a sort of doggie bag to hold Diego’s training treats. Not looking like much (IMO) but some of the other participants thought it looked just fine. Not feeling up to do anything else, I made two more – modified for the two teenage girls who handles their dogs.

Mine to the left (bad pic, I know), the one in the middle has tiny dog houses in the print ๐Ÿ˜‰

The red and green, was wished colors.

Fun to make, I made one more for me

Hmm, not perfect either when it comes to choice of fabrics, so I’ll probably spend part of the upcoming 4 day holiday (Christ goes to Heaven Day tomorrow and Friday is a “squeeze” day ) taking it apart and re-use some of the parts. Edited: forgot to tell what I used to make the bags stay open. The first brown one I used one of these long plastic thin things you use to tie electrical cords etc. together (Swedish “buntband”) but it didn’t work 100%. So I racked my brain and came up with corset stays (Swedish “korsett fjรคdrar), you know the inserts you use to make strapless formal gowns stay up over your chest and not fall down and it worked quite well. Maybe not 100% either, but 98% maybe? There was no way to tie the ends of the stay together to make a O, place it in the fold at the top and stitch beneath it. The Janome 7700 do have a throat (compared to the 6600 machine) , but it was still to big to be able to put the bags around. I did try to sew the stay in place from the back, but it didn’t turn out ok from a sewing point of view. Well, even though I’m a nitpick for details, I think I’m gonna leave it at this. After all it’s not a ball gown, but a doggie bag ๐Ÿ˜‰

Class went fine, Diego’s attention was somewhere else at the beginning and me, I had only a hoodie on cause I forgot the sailing jacket I had saved from our yachting days at home. How on earth is it possible to forget a big red jacked that hangs just inside the door???? I was frozen to the bones when I got home, John who came along had his parka and mitts – smart guy. Well, Diego loves me for sure and he does obey me, but the bond between him and John is quite strong and John handled Diego most part of class and did it very well ๐Ÿ™‚

When it’s cold and windy, it’s nice to have warm, safe arms to rest in.

Have a nice weekend all!