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Me and Diego

went to the first of four puppy/youngster obedience class on Monday evening and it was fun – both for me and Diego. It was a very small class, five dogs and trainers and some on lookers – a flat, a softie, a Danish-Swedish yard dog and a Ridgeback. Interesting how very skittish all dogs was before and during the first part of class and then suddenly they became more focused. Well Diego was focused – on the treats LOL. Honestly, he was very intensely focused on how to behave so he could get the snacks. I had dried small pieces of black pudding (I know from Fiona’s training that is a verrrahhhh good treat if you don’t want to have meatballs in your pocket 😉 and mixed them with store bought kibbles. Oh, he’s so good my little sweetie, he got every part very quickly and I even had time to use some of my Fiona skills on him. Not to be mean or anything, but it’s a wast difference in training a JR and a self sufficient Ridgeback. Yup, RR are bred to take care of themselves and only do things they think are well worth the effort, so believe it or not Fiona and me came out first in the Obedience Class 1 and that was an achievement if there ever was 😀

After 1 hour Diego’s poor little brain seemed to fry and he got all confused so we winded down and had some loooove time. We got some homework, but try to train Diego when Arwen and Fiona is nearby….”oh mummy did you say sit? Look – we can sit still and raise our paw too” <G>.

I found a tip on the web for dog treats; slice up hot dogs thinly, boil them for 10 minutes in water and then into the oven until dry. The whole house smelled like yuck…..but the “kids” loved them 😉

Late note – kids are so fun at times. We have had mixed weather so to speak the last couple of days and some days ago John came home and declared that he hated rain. Cloudy was ok, rain sucks. Well, I said, at least rain os good for all things that grows. J: “I grow even though it doesn’t rain”. Try to put your feet into the soil then and see if you grow any faster, I replied. J: if I put my feet into the ground, the maggots will feed on them and I’ll be left with no feet at all”. Touche! He does grow and have quite large feet for a 13 year old, that’s for sure 😀

Today I finally got my act together and called one of the schools in Norrköping who has dorms for teenagers. I know very well why I have dragged my but when it comes to this issue…..letting go will be the hardest thing. They to admit kids from other schools than their own, so I’ve printed and filled out an application form – it will go out in the mail tomorrow. And those silly dimwits in that Time article “Are You Mom Enough?”where some doc claims that mother-child attachment is greatly achieved by longtime breastfeeding. Pilutta dig as Pippi Longstocking said, I doubt very much that anyone can be more attached than me and my kids. And – if this theory would have any significant truth to it – all the men in the world would remain unattached to their children! Oh I know I know,  the thing people do to earn a buck…but the whole thing is very provocative and a show how incredible stupid people can be. I mean, what will happen to that poor, guileless kid when he starts kindergarten or school or someone digs out that cover when he starts high school? We all know how mean kids in any age can be, don’t we?

Today (if weather permits) I’m going to help Sam with his new film assignment that has to be ready in a weeks time. Not especially fun, but a great way of attachment parenting 😀