There are days when Fiona and me are kindred souls = real bitches 😉 and today was one of them. I normally don’t buy magazines in the supermarket, except for a very very occasional cooking/food one and “Level Presenterar World of Warcraft” for John. I do look when the mood strikes me, but never come home with anything. But today I spent 80SEK on a quilting magazine in Swedish and – honest to g-d it sucked. So boring that the clocks came to a stand still (så tråkig att klockorna stannar)…fell free to hit me over the head, but I found absolutely nothing inspirational in it. Nothing. Zip. No nada. And I though about one other quilters magazine (that I actually subscribed to for a year) in Swedish…..I quit the subscription for one reaon only – it was boooooring! WHY is it so? Typical Nordic peeled of (avskalat)? Can’t be, Marimekko, Gunilla Ponten and Gudrun Sjödin are far from bland, so why does this sort of quilting? OK, so there are not very many quilting magz from the rest of the world that I fancy……Vignette, some other Aussie ones and most of the Quilters Newsletter issues…. but that’s about it. Come to think about it, there are not very many magz that interest me at all …..Hundsport (the SKK monthly) I do read with interest and the weekly free ones about our municipality. Oh my, I think I’m turning into a sourpuss ROFLMAO.

Ack my head hurts, time to go to bed.