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Sometimes there are things to be more than usual happyr for. In no particular order;

After months of worry, my beloved furry gal Fiona is a OK again. Last weeks visit to the vets ultrasound at Väsby Veterinärsjukhus (the one and only that have got to treat our dogs) showed her uterus all dried up and the udder tumors has encapsuled and not grown. The surgeon vet (the lovely Ash ;-o) sais there is no reason whatsoever to have any suregury done on her and both vets claimed that Fiffi is a marvelous exaple of her breed and xtremley well kept for her age. Proud doggie mommy 😀 But they don’t know here dark secret – Queen Bitch of the Universe who can levitate to get to a cinnamon roll and – snatch the hot dog bun from Johns mouth ;-o As he laconically claimed when she hit his front teeth with her nose “Fiffi – you have gotten spoiled rotten during your illnesses”.

Sam has been prelimnary admited to all four educations he has applied for, with Real Gymnasiet in Norrköping on the top 🙂

Today for exactly 20yrs ago, The DH and I met and fell in love, now that is an achievement if there was 😉

I know there was one more thing, but heck if I can remember it right now. The DH and Sam has gone to the Judas Priest concert, so it’s me, John and the dogs. Oh – got to tell – I am so proud of John who is not very studying/cram oriented, but he studied diligently for a biology test today – both with my help and along with his friends on Skype 🙂

The smudge in the glass (smolket i bägaren in Swedish – haha) is that the once so grand employer which nowadays only think SEK and SEK and SEK – for themselves and the stockholders!!! has decided to change the early retirement program we have had for the last 15v years or so (you could get retirement at 57 with a nice portion of your salary until the formal retirement age). And they have changed it in a major way – you have to be 61 now!!! Holy cow, how am I ever going to survive???

Well, it’s pitch black and very rainy outside and it was hart near impossible to get the dogs outside. Luckily the concert is indoors……just hope they will keep quiet when they get back home 😉 Diego is curled up near my feet, snoozing away = high cosy factor.