First  – all pictures (except the dolphin ones) was taken by Sam with his cell phone, I think he took round 50 all and all. Dang that guy is good – imagine what he could accomplish with a real digital camera?

Most of you (including myself) has been looked out several times, but locked in??

Last Sunday morning up and about in good time, left home at 9am, no snow and not much traffic. Thanks to the GPS, we found the school in a town I never been in- Norrköping, without much trouble. Only took the wrong turn twice and had to do some creative driving, including along a tram car lane LOL. School seem nice enough, quite a few pupils (we think 10 in all) was there along with their parents. Four of us are going to have our kids leave home at the tender age of 16……oh my poor poor heart…..and all had the same worries.

Then of to Kolmården and to meet the Wild Animal Zoo boss who held yet one more captivating intro to the park. That guy has a true talent and his love for the animals shines through, plus- he is very honest about why the park is there and their missions. Neeldess to say, he remebered Sam from the last time 🙂 Going through a back gate that had been left open just for us, then a brief walk during wich we saw the majestic tigers again

and the bison Sam 😉

we came to the dolphinarium

and we got to see the new 2012 show!! Sadly the light wasn’t enough to get any great pics with our cells – so this is almost embarrassing to show:

It was awesome, amazing how man and animals can work together and we was fortunate to get to meet the manager of the Dolphinarium and ask questions. After that is was a “free ride”, that was, we where welcome to walk around the park by ourselves. Sam just looked at me, we said our thanks and surprise – of we went Colosseum to meet our “friends” the rhinos and the elephants 😀 Let’s put it like this – Mats (the Zoo head honcho) wasn’t very surprised LOL.

Three of the rhinos was outside, this was one of them

and one of the two inside (who had to be kept from the others cause they where in rut)

A very long time was spent with “our” elephants, studying and talking to them. They are Asian ones and all three are females. You know they truly have very expressive eyes and their rather substantial intelligence shines through

Sam talked a bit to one of the keepers, we sat on a bench and just hung with the animals 😉 and then Sam got the bright idea – why don’t we go to the monkey house?? My feet was aching like h-l, but when Sam just look at me with those eyes and said “it’ll be yet another Mom Sam moment” who can resist? it was a bit to walk and somewhere in the back of my mind something nudged me – we saw very few people. But hey, it is of season and most of them watching the dolphin show had very young kids, so they have probably left already.

We was lucky and had the “Apariet” all to ourselves. A cute little Silk Monkey

the chimps 

and the gorillas. Enzo , who is the first gorilla born in captivity here in Sweden round 3 years ago turned out to be the brat of the century. It’s true and almost uncanny – he is a brat and knows it. Since we where the only one there we became his target for obnoxious behavior – flinging branches and gorilla poop (that was very deliberate) at us (glass partition protected us) and when that fell flat – he leaned a branch against the wall and tried to climb it. I strongly suspect he wanted to get to us. Why???? Maybe he assumed all humans ought to be gone by then so he finally could have a moment by himself??

At this point my poor feet where burning and time for us to walk back to the car – quite a long walk, but we chatted (favorite animal? Mine the tigers, Sam’s you can guess by now) and had a good time. Sam re-lived the good ol’ days

when the park offered elephant rides 😉 Nowadays you can only ride the camels.

I started to think that all was too quiet and there was no visitors nor keepers around and I started to develop a nudging suspicion, but shoved it at the back of my mind. Passing the snow leopard perched on his mountain, Sam decided to ran ahead to the gate to make sure it was still open. It was not! Slim son managed to squeeze between the gates, but big mama had no chance. By now it dawned on me that the park was closed and we where stuck inside. Small melt down. Sam went down to the Research and Education building (outside that gate) where our ca was parked to see if anyone was still there, but it was closed and empty. I stood there in semi panic and mused over the possibility to spend the night with Enzo and his monkey friends 😉 Well – thanks to my smart son and a smart phone, we managed to get out a hidden back way 🙂 Driving almost non stop a “bit” over the speed limit :-o, we returned home 10 hours after we left, very satisfied with our day. And nobody I have talked to has ever been looked in at Kolmården, that’s for sure <G>.