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Tomorrow morning me and Sam will set out for a day outing to Norrtälje (164km south of here) for a VIP visit the school (Realgymnasiet) he has applied for and – then they take us for a guided tour round Kolmården Zoo where we will meet some of the animal keepers. Both Sam and me kind of hope that we will be able to pet some of the wild animals again, but hey – just being guided around is enough for me. I mean, how cools is this – a school where you will learn of and work with wild animals? If Sam is admitted your will have a bit of a jealous mama here LOL. Moreover, my heart will keel over if/when he move away from home…..my feelings for this is truly dual here, since I only wish for the very best for my precious son, but letting him go at the tender age of 16…..vojjne!

It snowed heavily during the night and it kind of put a damper on it all, but right now it’s plus Celsius and at least on the streets most have melted. God knows I’m not much of a winter driver, specially when using the small car, so when I had to take Sam to the hairdresser using the small car, I was a bit apprehensive. But I got to admit I’m pretty proud of my achievements and handling that car in round 15cm of slush. Well, if the plus centigrades continues during the night it means more easy driving and yep, we are going to take the big car tomorrow even though it kind of guzzles up gas ;-o But – it’s safer and for driving a longer distance it’s way more comfy.

We will be gone for the entire day, so no pictures tomorrow, but hopefully on Monday. Wish us luck!