I think I painted that one can at least 4 times over in different colors before I got it right. Tried to use some scrap booking paper, but it got too thick. And the alphabet rubber stamps was all clogged up with old ink…..Lucky me, they have a really nice set at Claes Olsson, so I will get one tomorrow. Cutting the fleece was a no-no since the roll-up measure tape went missing. Hmm, accused The DH to snuck it, but I found it in a kitchen drawer. The Sweet Pea pots (the only ones I didn’t change that ant infested soil in) sprouted – yep, you got it – some ants. So out in the green house while John doggie sat (you can not leave baby Diego alone for long), filled new disposable mugs with freshly bought soil and seed compost (old SP trick), that way you don’t have to buy fancy pots and repot them) and then gently transferred the newly sprouted seeds. SP are so fragile in this stage (hence the two layer method or fancy SP pots), so I surely hope they will make it. ANd I surely hope there is no ant family living in my house ;-(

And no package with these few decorative things I ordered either……Of course I could spend me time continuing on that new wallhanging, but the air kind of left me. probably too much going on in my head – like why is it so friggin boring to have to go to work and Sunday will be fun but tiring, or tiring but fun driving  to Norrköping and back (+ finding a parking plot in a totally alien city) with Sam  and how shall I design the invitations for the big bash in June? and at June 20th is the preliminary acceptance to “Gymnasiet”….wonder if the kids get to know where they stand then?

Luckily I finally got a novel that keep me reading – John Grisham’s The Litigators, so I can hide from reality. I really need to re-polish my nails, they look a bit scruffy and I really really need to wash a load or two tomorrow and….and….and why is is so “#€%& boring to work under the conditions I do….OMG how I long for the best boss I have had in my entire life – J, who sits on a Greece Island somewhere and have no clue on how much I miss him. I have had bad bosses over the years – really bad people skills there. I’ve had some so and so bosses and I have had a couple of great ones too. But non – absolutely non have ever come in the vicinity if J. Now that was a guy ho trusted in you and every time you succeeded, you got a reward of some sort end elevated to new responsibility levels. You know, almost like Gibbs and Aby in Navy CIS – giggle-giggle and we always clicked.

And yeas – am a wee bit speedy ROFLMFAO. I wish I had a large room with all sorts of machine and gadgets just for me and a huge amount of time – just for me. Retirement anyone????

I promise – if I get these rubber stamps tomorrow I will take a pic of the finished tin jar. And then while the washer washes; i will do my very best to start of the shadow curtain for the green house

Baby Diego just lost a molar, it looks just like one on my kids teeth – how cute 🙂