Here Easter is a four day holiday and today is Easter Eve which is pretty much like any other Saturday, most shops open and so. We had Easter lunch: meatballs, price sausages, pickled herring, gravad and smoked salmon, hardboiled eggs with löjrom (white fish roe) and fresh shrimps on mayo.  Dinner will be  grilled scewers, strips and garlic butter. Sunday: marinated rack of lamb and gratin aux potatoes with a lot of garlic 🙂 On Monday (Annandag påsk) I don’t have tp cook, cause we are going to my darling MIL.

I asked the kids the other day if maybe they are to old for Easter Eggs (filled with candy and stuff)?? Oh no – they want their treats as well as having to do a treasure hunt round the garden to get the……gahhhhhh, now I have to come up with some tricky tricked trail hints for them to follow….I am at total loss of ideas…. But later on I convinced them that I’m simply not up to it, they will have to make do with the eggs ;-o

Well Thursday I started on the new Quilted Garden Delights wall hanging, draw all them small bits (except two) on freezer paper and cut them out. Holy Mahoney – here I realized that there was no need to transfer the bits to freezer paper at all, but it should have been done on fusible web instead. Of such I only own one kind – Appli-Kay Wonder. Since I have nothing to compare it to, I think it’s a pretty good product 😉

I got some me time and spent it in the greenhouse, when suddenly the kids wanted closing hors for the malls and escaped on their bicycles and The DH donned his leathers and disappeared on the MC. So I’m back where I usualy are – taking care of Diego and guarding the girls, in case any of them would be up to any antics LOL.


picture of bagfs etx.