OK, fess pp – how many of you have kids that clean out the fridge and – vacuum the boiler room (of all places) voluntarily??? I do 😀 Reason? Sam is back at movie making at “Bild & Form” (roughly translated into picture and form) in school and as with last time, he has it all played out in his head. Since we got so fed up with each other the first time (M1800 rider movie), this time he is using the aid of John as camera man. And this time there is no motorcycle involved, but the neighbors fancy sports car. The outdoors scenes should have been shot during the weekend, but that bloody snow started to fall again.

Well, one shot was taken from inside of the fridge (hence the vigorous cleaning of three shelves) and the other one in the boiler room since it’s the only run down place in this house ;-o I thought they did a pretty amazing job with that fridge cleaning, that I’m going to hire them during the Easter leave to do the rest. And yeahh, I have promised to pay them handsomely LOL.