As told at a group I’m on – Fiona is still not well after a week on anibiotics. We went to the vets yesterday – first manicure on all three and then a docs app. Arwen is much better, but Fiffi still has some sort of liquid in her uterus:-( The doc (not one with the best bedside manners in that clinic), said that if it’s not better after yet one more week on antibiotics, he recommended a hysterectomi. A bit lame I protested with “isn’t that a major operation on someone this old”, but didn’t get much of an answer. Well, we do have an appointment with the marvelous Ash in a couple of weeks, I will leave it up to him to decide. But Fiona is not herself at all, she didn’t ate her dinner yesterday nor breakfast this morning and she didn’t wan’t to go out with The DH and the gang as usual in the morning, which left me teary eyed at work worrying. But – when it comes to eat her food,  I have outwitted her before – so I mixed some of that vile smelling whet doggie food (got a few cans as a sample) and voila – she ate it all 🙂

On my way grocery shopping it hit me – maybe she is so low due to these anti false preggers drops? I know, they have no effect on that uterus liquid, but maybe the rest of her? It does says lack of appetite, but maybe they turn her low allover? Alright, she go the last of them drops yesterday morning and we have a new vets app. next Thursday, hopefully is more like herself by then.

Meanwhile – Strike a Pose 🙂