As Scooby Doo said – Relp, Relp ;-9

I’ve said it before and will say it again FMQ is not my forte. Well, I would surely get a wee bit better with it if I practiced regularly, but with little Diego in the house there is very little time and concentration for that to happen. Since I do not like to have UFOs laying around, I just want this Butterfly Garden all done with. I was so pleased with the fabrics I choose for the borders, a bit unusual and worked with the fabrics in the BOMs: The green is a Kauffman fusion and the brown I think is a William Morris.

Now my way of getting out of the FMQ trenches is to cut out the figures in freezing paper, ironing them on and sew around the shapes:

Well at least it worked with straight sided shapes like stars. Trying to wring the quilt round curves with the Horizon is not easy at all. Quite the opposite – the two butterflies I sewed so far have got one sharp angel each: I know very well that you are supposed to mark all quilting lines before you sandwich the quilt, but I never managed to do it – just cause I have no idea so early on what I want to do with the borders. I have tried to use several different sort of marking pens to outline the butterflies instead of having them ironed on. Since the stark contrast of the colors in the borders and – the pattern in the outer border, makes it all impossible – I do have tried, but not much showed. Neither did the threads I tried – They only show in the green borders, in the brown everything sinks in a disappears. Not very strange if you think (ouch) about it – with that pattern probably nothing will show up. Hmmmm, maybe I should only sew small butterflies in the green and leave the brown???? I’m stumped. And that quilt just lay beside the machine and stare accusingly at me LOL. Any suggestions and ideas on how to solve this will be hugely appreciated.