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Do you remember my post in the fall about the demolition of our couch while Arwen was in false preggers?? I really wanted to get a hysterectomy done on her, but Fionas utter tumors kind of got in between and it never happened.

So the two of them decided to get into heat in January and now they are – in false preggers both of them. Fiona tries to rip a pad mattress (that she sleeps on on the couch in  John’s room) apart in the wee ours and Arwen destructed – two pillows and one duvet in the same day = grrrrrr from me. I never knew that there was a remedy for this madness, but alas – when I was on the horn with the vets to book a time for manicure X 3, at least I asked and got the answer – yes there is!! So I was lucky and got an appointment yesterday afternoon, the vet examined them, did and ultra sound on both and – Fiona’s has some sort of fluid in her uterus and Arwen’s back teats are warm. So they are both on antibiotics and meds for the false preggers. Things do work in mysterious ways – what a luck that I called for that manicure appointment!!! Hope the med act swiftly, cause I just caught Arwen in the act, demolish yet one more pillow cover and the corner of the pillow underneath :-Z

On the quilting side – yesterday I cut out two different butterflies in freezer paper, ironed them to the border of the Butterfly Garden quilt, sew along the edged using the wide open applique foot that comes with the Horizon. Managed to get two done, but sadly quite uneven and even though I use some variegated thread (a Mettler green to white), I don’t get enough contrast:

I start to wonder if it’s better to use a single colored very light thread here – maybe plain white?

Feeling a bit intimidated with the project I want to do next, I went through the Quilted Garden Delights one more time and found yet another piece I want to make.

Even more seeds have sprung, soon it’s time to replant the first ones:

One variety of melon to the right and different chilies in the rest of the tray.

Mama’s boy:

Been doing some errands with John – he had to turn in a PS3 game that didn’t work, I got a new mascara and he go his first cologne – Ralph Lauren Polo 4 🙂 John got a haircut (a la Japanese Yakuza – very hot if you ask me), coffee beans and special shampoo for The DH. We had a discussion in the car which one of Coffee (the house mouse) and Diego would get the speediest if they got a coffee bean each. We decided that we really didn’t want to know LOL.

Spring kind of has sprung – so happy weekend all 😀