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I bought the book “Quilted Garden Delights” at the C&T sale and while I browsed through it, I came upon one design that I knew I wanted to make. As with the butterfly garden I wanted to make it not cause I had any need for it, but to try out and enhance my applique skills.  I did try to start out with turn under hand applique, but that didn’t come out alright. So I did as they instructed in the book – fusible raw edge applique. Took round a week or so to have it finished finished. Even though it don’t fit in with my interior style (like the Butterfly Garden BOM), I still think it’s kind of cute.

So what to do with it? I framed it in a simple IKEA frame, I know that the piece don’t fit the fram, but I doubt very much that there is a pre-made frame that has the heasurements that the quilt fit’s perfectly in to:

and hung it in the greenhouse:

Oh I know, this is probably not the best place to hang it it the long run. When all the veggies are planted, the humidity can be too much, even though I have 4 roof windows that open up automatically when the heat becomes to much…On the other hand, I have an apron that has been hanging out there like forever without the slightest of touch of mildew 🙂 Well – imagine!

So what to do know? Well I have some boring hours of real work ahead of me – Sam’s comment when he saw that bunch of paper that has to be written into an excel file was “imagine you get paid to do that” ;-o But after that (or maybe in between) I simply has to finish quilting the Butterfly Garden BOM and- I’m going to do it according to Beth’s suggestion – butterflies and wines along the borders. Since I suck at FMQ, I have cut out some templates to uses instead. And it just struck me – I do have two butterfly templates from the actual BOM…..they will suit just perfectly since then there will be a consistency between the quilt and the border. It will probably not be an easy task, but heck if I give up on that piece 😉 Some might call me strange, but I mostly have this urge to finish one thing before I start the next. I made an exception with this garden wal hanging, but I wanted/needed to have something easy to bring to class.

Although – as soon as the Butterfly Garden is quilt is quilted and bound, I have a very challenging project to start on, but more about that later. Meanwhile it’s time for doggie breakfast, signing of with this cute pic: Bestest of Friends.