Oh my, it truly excites me when the hard outer shelves of seeds break open and the sprouts emerge:

Cosmos on the left and calendula on the right – you can hardly see the calendula in the picture, but it’s there on the right.

One of the cucumbers (the pic was taken yesterday), the name is on the seed bag out in the greenhouse. This morning, one more variety shows it’s green little head. I don’t know how it is for you, but watch my seeds sprout fills my heart with some sort of green goddess happiness 😀

Look how my sweet precious Diego has grown! Even though he is a small kind of breed (if you compare him to the girls) he has grown so rapidly and is so very smart. Truly, he’s so cute that when he look at you with his peppercorn eyes, your heart bowls over with love 😉

And the small wall hanging is here:

Mine to the left, the pic on the book on the right. I have much gardening to due over the weekend, but the weather is sooooo blahaha, that I’ll probably will be out there in short bursts only.

But first I have promised Sam to take him clothes looking/shopping and then we need to take the three furry lovelies claw clipping.