I wasn’t sure at first that I wanted to go, have been under the weather (3 days)  with migraine like headache and nausea – feeling plain sick without being to ill you end up in bed….But when the kids and dogs started to stalk me, I packed up my things and went.

Not very many of us in “class”, only five plus the teacher, but that leaves the more room for chatting, asking questions, showing of (LOL) and getting new ideas. I brought my little wallhanging from that beautiful garden… something book and got much nice cred for what I’ve done so far 😀 What’s so good about that class is that everyone is very friendly, very inquisitive and very very generous with compliments. And that feels goooooodddd. I will try to remember to post a pic of my WIP tomorrow.

While the sun was up, me and the dogs where out in the garden – they sniffing, me hacking away at all the self sowed perennials between sleet plates in the back. Diego found that weed iron mighty interesting. That is – until Teves, the gorgeous GS came out and they kind of played together each on their side of the fence 😉

You can say what you want about JR – but they are so very easy to teach. At least some things – so Diego can; sit, lay down, take nicely (7 out of 10 he get’s right) and now coming when you call him. Our teacher asked me if I had sewn anything for the tiny guy and if there is a path in doggie care/sewing I never gonna take, it’s that one. Honestly, I think that Diego would be offended if I tried to make him wear a coat or something like that. He is a proud little guy and very sure of his dog maleness. And even though he came to us in the middle of the winter, hi didn’t freeze that much ……and neither did the girls…..no coat on these two thank you very much ROFLMAO. ÅÅåååååå – he’s so cute that little one 😀