but not very active at all. Just so soul wringing tired, the kind of exhaustion that make your whole being hurt. Not sure why…to much to do, thyroid levels shot to h-l again, the level of another kind on the rise, full moon or the oncoming of a cold???

John turned 13 years old on Sunday – my baby is a teenager!! He go the two PC games he wanted, a nice sum of money, lot’s of cheers and “Biff Rydberg”

for dinner. He seemed quite happy with it all and is fully occupied with one of the games:-)

I managed to finish the baby quilt for one of John’s teachers and I’m pleased with the outcome:

Currently working on the SID on the Butterfly Garden quilt, so I can take it to class tomorrow evening and do the binding there. I think I might have a taker on that thing – great if it can go a to a loving home πŸ˜€

Talk about a loving home, but that is was Diego certainly has got himself, not only us on two legs love him to bits (even though he can be such a pest LOL), but he seem to have grown on Fiona too. Can’t say she loooove him, but she tolerate him and his antics more and more for each day. How cute is this ? πŸ˜€