How time flies – precious Diego is now 14 weeks and counting, weight almost 5kg (10lb) and from the look of today – he’s gonna be  a BIG JR boy. Wonder if that is normal or if we maybe has overfed him? You can’t say that he get to little xercise, no way – he’s quite active that tiny guy. And he does get into trouble every now and then, like on Friday morning when Fiona was reluctant to eat her breakfast (she’s false preggars) and opportunistic as he is, he put his head into her food bowl. After trying to gnarl him of twice, Fiona had enough and went after him. I didn’t see what she did, but he let out 3-4 high yelps and lordy me, I though she had got the better of him this time. But she is not that viscous TG, I picked him up, checked him all over and even though he was kind of wet over the back ;-o and he shook from head to paw every 5th second or so – he was OK. But – he was so quiet and meek for the rest of the day. HAHA, but after that he was back into his normal self again, played with Arwen but did keep a good distance to Fiona. On Saturday everything was back to normal, but still Diego managed to stay away from Fiona  and he is verahh careful around her. But – I don’t know, but maybe he is starting to get her to grow maternity feelings, cause today she allowed him to lie close, gently  poke at one ear (he does give Arwen an earwash every now and then)

even stoically succumbed to his let’s-play infernally barking.

Well I went to that sewing class, only four of us plus the teacher, but it was fun to talk to other grown up people and to see what the other ladies was working on. Saturday was our 17th anniversary (oh how time flies) – imagine that!! We celebrated with a nice piece of steak, thinly sliced fried potatoes and home-made garlic butter, along with a very nice bottle of red 🙂 17 years…..somewhere in the vicinity of WOW.

The kids have a week long leave from school, so they can look after Diego and me go to work.  When I drove up through the garage at work it hit me – I left my work lap-top at home! And at that time of the day it’s virtuality impossible to drive back out – no room to maneuver in that danged place during rush hour 😦

Well the end of tranquility is here, The DH and Diego just came to bed, so it’s hard to focus on writing.