Two years ago or something I dropped out of  Quiltstationen’s quilting class . I had participated for 3-4 terms, but when several pieces of me malfunctioned, it took to much effort to drive over to Roslags Näsby every Thursday. But – being a stay at home mom to Diego have made me long for some time for just me. Not being a dinner cooking wife, not to be a homework-helping and endless discussions about all and nothing mom and absolutely not a guard the pup mom 10-12hrs per day. Soooooo – what do do that I hardly have any possibility to do anymore? Quilt! Away from home! I emailed Marie and even though they have met two Thursday already, I’m welcome to join tomorrow.

Hurray!! Since the Butterfly Garden quilt uses a lot of different colored threads, I don’t want to work on that. OK, so the small wallhanging from the book “Quilted Garden Delights”?

Yup, this one is what I have planned to make when the BFG is all done, kind of cute – heh? So what better thing to take to class? And I wouldn’t have to haul the 6600 with me either. Spent a while (while checking on Diego continuously) putting together my applique supplies and auditioning fabrics and using my new watercolor pens to make a of-white fabric somewhat light apricot.

Then John came home and told me that one of his absolute favorite teachers is pregnant and he want to get her something but had no clue what. Asked him if he wanted me to sew her a baby blanket (like we did earlier with one other teacher and he shone up. “Start it now” he told me sternly. So I pulled out my kiddie fabrics (a very meager collection that is) and found a panel in bright non-gender colors. Tomorrow I’m going to audition fabrics for bordering the panels, take it to class and start to creat. How fun!!