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I wasn’t going to do it – right? But at 10am this morning The DH said “I can drive you there, so you get to get out of the house a bit”. So I went, to the Sewing festival and honestly – it wasn’t very much to write home about. I think it has shrunk, the vendors are pretty much the same and there is a lot of stuff that isn’t quilt/sewing related. And – non other than the sewing machine sells people had much trade fair prices to talk about. If any. In  my opinion all the quilt vendors asked pretty much the same prices and – compared to stuff I buy from the US, very overpriced. I found only two vendors that sold notions and none that interested me one bit.

But never mind complaining, I did buy some fabrics:

I did find these at sale (50SEK/m) and bought 0.5m of each. At the same vendor I found this panel:

For Sam of course, but I was from sure that he really would like to to make him a pillow out of it. Too childish maybe? But to my great surprise, he loved it 🙂

You know, when I started quilting I really couldn’t understand what good you could get from a FQ, but over the years they have grown on me. At Tyger & Ting I found two must-have FQ bundles (they are amazingly good at putting bundles together that they looks delish):

and at two other sellers I bought these:

Not bought with any specific project in mind, but good-to-have for appliques. I confess, I did spend more than I have planned and it really galls me how more we pay for stuff here in Sweden (like books, RV stuff, MC parts and quilting stuff FI). But at times it’s just fun to buy what you see IRL…..

I almost never buy any patterns, but this one at Tyger & Ting was so cute I almost almost bought it:

I also saw an amazing (I think the technique was bargello) round spiral wallhanging in red, black and white. I wasn’t sure if you are allowed to take pics inside the fair, so no-show. But me and two other ladies was pretty amazed about how much work that has to had to go in there, all these different sized pieces …..wow.

OK, you all know by now how much I detest the actual quilting of a project. I just love to pic out the colors, cut and sew the top, but quilting is something that is more of a hassle than an fun adventure. At the Quilt and Lappteknik yahoo group, someone mentioned a girl who does long arm quilting on commission- Maria Bussler Bussler and she had a stall at the fair. I met her friend and talked a bit and I admired Maria’s work. So much that I want to have a long-arm too. Computerized. IwantIwantIwant…..

Well after seen it all I checked my watch and – only one hour had passed .-o and the amount of ladies of varying ages continued to rise, so I took myself over to the commuter train station. Of course I missed my train by 1/2 minute, but they run every 1/4 hr so it was no big deal.

When I got home I was met by my three furry babies 😀 and The DH wanted to know if I had bought any new gadgets. I told him that I haven’t but if I can’t get a Corvette (top of the top of my lifelong wish list), I absolutely must have a Long Arm machine . Of course he didn’t understand what’s wrong with the two sewing machines I own ROFLMAO. Nothing wrong hon, just two absolutely different ways to do something with utterly different outcome. But I can always wish, can’t I?