It took me some years to get there, but nowadays I really love a good fantasy book. Or more correctly – a good fantasy series. When I found Trudy Canavan i was sooo happy, but when I found Maria Snyder – even happier. I have read them a bit backwards and is currently reading the third book in the first trilogy about Yelena Zaltana:

They are very captivating, with great intrigues and not hard reads as some fantasy books can be. There is also the Glass trilogy and Inside Out and Outside In (a mix of Sci-Fi and fantasy). which I enjoyed immensely – I really lied the twist of that story.

Lucky me, when the Fire Study is finished, I have the first of the newest trilogy

to imerse myslef in 🙂

Poor Diego, he just couldn’t take a no for an answer from Fiona, but kept on pestering her behind and when she finally had it and really growled and took a nibble out of him (no bloodshed though). Diego got so scared that he has hardly been up to any mischief after that, but just cuddle close to me and sleep. Beware when the mighty Lion Dog roars LOL.