Yesterday Sam submitted his application for the four Gymnasie programs he most of all want to participate in. Of course the one in Norrköping (with close ties to Kolmårdens Animal Park was at the top and the one he absolutely has set his mind and hopes to. John was a bit worried  – how would Sam get his food? And “if he moves away, does that mean I never will see him again?”. Well, I did put his mind at rest on both accounts, but secretly I admit that even though it is six months to go and nothing is sure about Sam’s admittance, I am a bit nervous and anxious and worried and ……. I do hope for Sam’s sake though, that everything goes according to his plans 🙂 I mean – how utterly cool will it be to have a son who works with elephants???

Little Diego grows for each day that passes, a good thing though is that he will never get very big. He, I never thought that my furry angels are very big (couldn’t understand people who said they are big gals :-o) but now when I see them next to Diego – they are huge. Not that that worries him the bit, he nibbles their ears, lick their mouth, chew on their chins, gnaw on Fiona’c front claws (not entirely a bad thing LOL) and – try to hump poor Fiona endless of times. Yesterday Diego was like a JR on speed the entire afternoon and evening. Piranha on 4 legs (or a very small Langoliere) and in teh end he truly went into warp speed and ran round and round. We hardly have any doors on the ground floor so he could run from he living room, into the dining room, through the kitchen and along the hallway. On the third lap to took a flying leap from the hallway, landed on the shelf under the sofa table and skitted over the magazines and came to a dead stop just where it ended 😉

Snow is falling heavily outside (=blaha), the DH worked the yard with his snow mover and I can’t write anymore cause I have little D  sleeping on my left shoulder. How cute is that?