BOM… you know how much I have been struggling with it and quilting is a minor night mare. More than once I have wondered why on earth I bother to unstitch the stippling i made and try outline all applications and embroideries????

I have had it sitting on the back on a winged arm chair and when the entire family was going to watch Ice Age (Ice Age – Diego – you get it??) last night, John accidentally sat on it and when I asked him to put in on the dining room table his reply was “why does it matter, you don’t like it anyway”. You to the boy is right, I really don’t like it and my immediate feeling is to chuck it out, have a lottery, put it in the trash, but my pride and pettiness forbids me. Why?????? I have to new projects that just is awaiting for me to get my drive back and work on my application skills. But it feels soooooo tedious to sit down with that boom day in day out …. whenever I can sneak a bit of time from Diego 😉

Right now I am between a rock and a hard place; the gymnasieutbilning was to apply for, lays 165km south of here and they have an “Open day” tomorrow where they talk about the school and then there is a tour round the zoo (Kolmårdens Djurpark) and that is something you just HAVE to do for you beloved son. The thing is- winter has struck these parts and the temp is dropping to minus 20C during the night and snow might blow in from the sea during tomorrow. Do I like to drive under these circumstances?? Heck no. Of course The DH can drive and me be home with dogs and kid, but Sam truly want me to be the one who accompany him. Or The DH drives and I tag along, but then John would have to be home along for the full day and…..that is not an option. What to to do – what to do? I strongly suspect that if The DH manages to change the broken head light, I will be the one who drives over 300km in one day. Keep keep your fingers crossed!!