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My marvelous oldest son Sam came home from school happy as a clam – he got MVG (highest grade over here) for his work in Swedish class called “The Book about My Self”. They did 4 chapters during the spring term – My Name, Favorite Animal (Elephant), favorite music (ACDC), Sports (soccer and David Beckham) and Films (Top Gun). During fall they have gone a bit wild and ventured into the future – both near and far away – The Prom, My first office party, A Family Holliday (30 something years from now and The first day of my Retirement. The spring chapters are both deeply moving and very funny and I felt quite privileged to be allowed to read them. The fall ones are so incredible creative and full of humor that I LOL while reading them.  So much that I can’t help but wonder where all that came from? I do know that Sam has a great sense of humor, but to have the ability to express it in words….Awesome!! :-D.

Managed to get the day (it’s Thursday – duh!) wrong for a meeting in the Gamla Stan (Old Town) this morning, so I walked back to the central part and took this picture of “Strömmen” (The Current):

To the left the side of the Department of Foreign Affairs building, then the Opera House, in the back Handelsbanken’s head office and the famous Grand Hotel. On the bus I realized that I had managed to erase the entire play list on my phone, the only tunes there was 6 ones I tried to transfer into Sam’s phone….all 360 ones gone 😦 Thank heaven I had a back-up on my computer. It has taken me 1.5 hrs to find the right way to transfer them back though. Big sigh… But now they are back where they belong 😉

Tomorrow morning me and The DH will arm our computers to try to get tickets to the Tom Petty concert. They are released at 9.00am sharp so hold your thumbs LOL