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For all except one (The DH) the passports had expired and new ones needed. If we are going to be able to go abroad this summer we are in need. And – from experiences we know that applying for passports in the late spring is a no-no and knowing the Swedish Passport Police, the sooner the better cuts the queues. Here in Sweden (and probably many more places on this planet) both parents has to give their consent for kids under age of 18 to get a passport. Either live (both being there signing the “kids form”) or having that not-attending parents signature witnessed by two people. So to make things easier, we went the whole lot to the local police stations passport department. I admit, we are a bit of a boisterous family when let out in the wild ROFLMAO, mostly I think to make the waiting time (quite a few was waiting before us) easier to stand – waiting for your number to be called sucks. The guy on the other side of the glass partition had a hard time keeping his face straight, but with much effort he did manage. Almost ;-9

Wellllll, nowadays most of the process is automatized and electronic and… How it goes: show your ID and The DHs along with them children form. Automatic: camera, fingerprints (TAHA, I can guess what country has getting their grubby little hands in the cookie jar to demand that feature in our (Swedish) new passports) and signature and all got stored and sent of electronically. In the old days, you went to a photo booth and you could take as many as you wanted and had quarters for, until you where satisfied with your looks. Now with this new photo devise your pic look like a mug shot!! Even the young mom next to us had her small daughter say”mom you look like a criminal”! The DH looks like he’s part of the Italian mob scene and me, I look like a cross of Ma Baker, Calamity Jane and one of the Bader Mainhof girls…..Wonder what’s the deal – nobody want to look less good than they do IRL – do they? So why have this shitty camera set up (quality wise)? Maybe it’s so hard to forge photos of people who look like diehard gangsters? Sigh. And for us grown ups, those passwords are valid for 10 years 😦 I promise you this I’m never ever going to show my passport to anyone, except the passport police world wide. Writing that – wonder if they ever will admit me after viewing that mugshot????