OK, this is me in the afternoon today:

See anything strange except for my big feet? Anything missing? There is no big plastic thing round my neck!!!! No funnel, no surgery 😀 Mom took me to the vets, we met that gorgeous Ash (just had to kiss him allover) and I’m in heat = no operation. And – my tumors are so itsy bitsy small (2.5 – 5.0 mm), hasn’t grown anything since the first surgery, so there is no hurry. We don’t have to go back until April (except for manicures) and if all goes well, I don’t need surgery then either. See that grin on my face? You have never seen a RR trot so eagerly back to the car as I did. OK, they did my nails, but I got a dried pigs ear afterwards 🙂 When we got back home, Arwen almost fell over herself in sheer pleasure and happiness to see me (who wouldn’t be?), that “poor” gal had been home all alone for like all 20 minutes…. will she ever be cool?? Nahhh, but she has the biggest warmest heart and no matter how I have tried to teach her, no-one has ever seen her growl and show her teeth. To anyone she knows that is….But she can sure give up an awesome bark and growl though. No normal person would never try to get into our house when she sounds the alarm ;-9

The downside of the day is that I have to wear that hateful black panty. Although mom tried her best to get me from dripping bloodlets on the new couch, somehow I managed to get a tiny smear on one of the pillows and that was it. Sigh!!! OK, time for some serious zzzzzz, cuddling up with Arwen and John – couldn’t be much better could it?