but twice in a row, I have been unable to take photos of finished projects (and that’s a first ever), due to the awful natural light (flash never have done any piece justice) and with no time left to get better light before they have been handed over as gifts. Both of them the same thing – runners, both of them  in the same pattern – weave, booth of them to the same family ;-). But not the same fabrics or colors, so they look very different.

The second runner was for my friend L’s mom who I never met, but talked to over the phone several times and she sound ever so nice.  It’s her birthday today and since she liked the one I made for L as a Christmas gift, we came up with the idea of making one of her own in black, cream and gold 🙂

Now I would really like to start on a smallish applique (and maybe some thread work as well) piece, but being true to my self I have a hard time starting on something new, when the latest project isn’t finished. Sooooo, during this 4 day weekend (I’m taking tomorrow of and then it’s “13 days after Christmas” (both eve and day) and then Sunday = 4 glorious days of) with no obligations except taking the kids for a hair cut,  some laundry and every day dinner cooking – I will un-sandwich the Butterfly Garden and try it with a different and thinner batting. Then it’s quilting time…. far from my favorite part in the quilting process. Ack how I would long for a long arm machine…. sigh….but where on earth would I keep it???

After finishing Juliet, I currently read something much much lighter – Christmas at Tiffany’s LOL.