and tonight is the night they come out in droves. I’m pretty sure that most of these live in the so called developed world, but heck if I believe that there is anything developed with those who voluntarily burn their money. Because that is what you do when you buy bangers, crackers and fireworks and set them of – you actually set fire to your money.

And why do you have to go about doing that not only tonight at the strike of midnight, but for the whole day and evening? Not only do poor Fiona suffer (I gave her the last dose of tranquilizers we had left and stuffed her ears with fatty wool) and now she lyes under the bed in the spare dark bedroom in the basement with the radio blasting, but even  I find this more and more getting on my nerves for each year that passes 😦 – there are sooo many more dogs out that suffers badly, that get the uncontrollabel shiver, whines and almost goes into shock. Why? Just for the fun minutes for all these idiots that burn their money up with a bang.

You could say that you deprive our kids the joy of setting of stuff that goes BANG, but even Sam thought that would be kind of dishonest and shameful towards Fiona. So The DH found these sorts of paper balloons that you light a small type of candle under and it rises to the sky with your wish for the new year. he saw them first in Rio de Janeiro and now they have come here, 20n years later 😉 Now (edited some day  later) The DH almost singlehandedly managed to  find himsefl at the verge of setting light to one of our two big birches…How?? Well the balloon didn’t get hot enough so it didn’t raise straight up, but sailed sideways and got stuck in the birch. I can promise you this – the 4 members of family Rubensson stood in attention with fingers crossed, hooping it would burn our quickly before the got to the birch…, being ready to get on the phone to alert the firedept….never has minutes been soooo loong before. Sweet Relief – it burned out after round 5 min without any incidents and the birds have found a now nice home LOL.

I need to go downstairs to chop up a red onion, that with “löjrom” and smetana will go over small pastry squares baked with a mixture of creme fraiche, egg and Västerbotten cheese. I also made some spring rolls filled with crabmeat that I need to finish in the oven just before serving as tidbits to munch in the New Year with.

Edited two days later – non of them snacks turned out great. The crab rolls had fish sauce, but even only 1tsp was enough to evoke me “eachhhh-it’s-fish- I – need  – to – get it out of my mouth as quickly as possible. And the de-lux löjroms squares turned out a bit boring, nothing to write home about and nothing I ever will make again.

The best quote for the year must be “I’m not your bitch, Bitch”” – oh how many times I will find a use for that. Almost as much as “Queen Bitch of the Universe” which can be said about both my Fiona and on of my neighbors and at time bout mahhh poor self ROFLMAO

-Happy and Creative New Year to all my friends worldwide 😀