So Christmas is officially over for this time and let me send up a small yayyy. The older I get and the more the kids grow up, I get less and less Christmas feelings. The DH and me took the joint decision to skip a tree (John was OK with that, but traditionalist Sam thought it sucked) for the first time in our entire relationship. Well The DH could have gone with a plastic one :-O but no way José, the real thing or not at all. Plus – the plastic ones ain’t great for the environment and – they are butt ugly! But we did put up some rope lights around the entrance and I took out all my Chritmasy figurines and roped thick tinsel garlands round some curtain rods LOL. Oh, the over 4kg (8lb) Christmas ham will as of tomorrow be no more 😉

The kids where more that happy with their gifts, from their oldest cousin they got über cool sneakers (don’t get Al Bundy here, but he does manage a fancy shoe store in Copenhagen of all places) and the techie things they got from us will hopefully keep them happy for some time to come. John was so happy with his pair of sneakers, that he had them on the entire last night. One can be thankful he took them of before he went to sleep around 3.30am :-8

I have a trillion creative/quilting ideas in my head (maybe I ought to write them down?), but right now all my sewing stuff is packed away in my studio (no sewing goes on in there, just perfumery and lacquering of nails) so the dining room table looks nice and clean over the hollidays. Plus, I want to finish the Butterfly Garden quilt before I start something else. I used my normal all cotton batting, but for a wall hanging to be, it got way to thick. Luckily I have no stitches in it yet (the few I tried by hand is ripped out) and it’s spray glued instead of hand basted, so changing the batting for something thinner ought to be a piece of cake. I just have to go and buy some. Which I will do tomorrow after work. You know, not being able to sew is baaaad, get kind of itchy when I don’t have anything to occupy my hands with….

Well time to read a bit in the Juliet novel and then get to sleep.