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We had a very nice and relaxed time yesterday – here in Sweden Christmas Eve is the event and when the kids get their Christmas gift. One (more) good thing about my darlings growing up, is no more Toys’R Us 🙂 On the other hand, the few gifts they do get is on the more xpensive end of the scale ….. After the traditional (in our family) Christmas lunch, our very first movie marathon started and it ended 5 (five!!!) discs later, among them Ernest saves Christmas, The Polar Express and – The Punisher II ;-o

After that my eyes crossed over and I fell promptly asleep, but The DH stayed awake until after midnight, keeping track on Santa’s sightings on Norad – he got quite excited when Santa arrived in Stockholm 00.00 hrs <G>.

Hope everyone had a lovely times yesterday and will have today.

PS I find it quite frustrating not being able to sew, but everything is packed away for the holiday, crammed into my studio (which now looks like a storage room) to make the dining room look nice and festive 😀