After the bake of rather largish cup cakes, I simply assumed (since they didn’t have any at ICA Maxi Häggvik) that getting small cup cake liners here in Sweden would be a hassle. Seek and you shall find and I found these two sweet sets on


I haven’t used them yet, but plan to do so later this week – on Christmas Day The DH’s family is coming over for dinner and even though it’s not me who make the desert, I thought that some sweet little somethings would be lovely along with the coffee. I even got the cutest small sugar flowers to decorate them with.

Where was I? Cup cake liners….what do you think I found along with a nifty little silicon “syringe” for frosting at the DIY store Claes Olsson? Cup-cake liners in two different colors!! The only consolation is that mine are way cuter and the sets comes with small handbooks with recipes and tips 🙂

Hmm, the dinner is on Sunday so Friday ought to be a cook baking day along with “griljera”(not sure there is an English word for that) the Christmas ham.

One thing I’m truly thankful for and that is that (for various reasons) in our family grown-ups don’t get any Christmas Gift. Grown-ups? Everyone over 18! 😀 And another great thing about my kids growing up, is that toy days are over and now they only wish for some electronic stuff.  Soooo –  I’ve already done my Christmas shopping = yayyyy.

Time to sort through the stashes of fabrics again, to try to come up with the right one for binding for a gift project.