Did you know that a bobbin case is called “spolkorg” in Swedish (korg = basket) and lucky me, after almost 2 weeks, the envelope with two bobbin cases for my Horizon came today. Happily there was nothing else wrong with the machine and it runs smoooooth as ever – nice even stitches and silent as a lamb ;-9 while I was at it, I ordered the bobbin case with the blue dot for any FMQ in the future. The Butterfly Garden will be quilted by hand though – something to keep me occupied (except for a whole lot of cooking) during the holidays. Powers willing, the ToB order will take no longer than a week to get here, if I’m mighty lucky it will arrive on Friday – five days shipping from them has occurred once or twice before.

Tehe, our very hadsome guy next door, the 1 yeaar old GS named Teves got so exited when he saw my girls, that he jumped the fence and came after us. You have never seen a more happy, eager dog just wanting to kiss up my babies. Fiona snarled at him, but I managed to get her inside and slammed the door at poor Teves, who at once stried to get Arwen interested in his games, to absolutely no avail. But they did get a good run around before me and G managed to get them still enough to catch them. G told me later that as soon he got inside his own yard again, he tried to jump the fence once again. Vojjne, can anyone say Schäferbacks??? 😮

OMG, the weather is so awful – very strong winds and heavy rain, I wonder how on earth I will persuade the furry angels to go outside and do their stuff before getting tucked in in John’s bed?

Nighty night.