Couldn’t just fall asleep last night and after several hours I managed to dose off, only to be rudely awakened by The DH – cause I snored! Well, you know – I have a cold and my nose is all clogged and I can’t get enough air and ……xxxxxxx

During these sleepless hours I laid here thinking about the upcoming applique piece I plan to do, maybe hand color the background fabric? Maybe sew a runner with Christmas tree “glass” ornaments? Hmmm, surely need some fabric coloring pens….if I do them two layered, the bottom penned and with the top of organza – might that create a sort of glass effect? And here my sleep deprived creative  mind went overdrive dreaming up all sorts of appliques and hand painted stuff. Oh it all looked so grand, oh how artistic….oh how….Do any of you think I remember any of that greatness today, except for the glass baubles? many suggest that you keep a note book and a pen beside your bed, but hey – The DH snores away next to me and would probably take some offense if I turned on the light in the middle of the night ;-o

Well, I think I need to find out where to get a small coloring supply – it do sound like fun :-).

Still no bobbin cases and still no mascara 😦