Just wanted to let you know that I’m almost well again – just a wee bit of swelling round the operation scar. Mom and dad took me to the vet on Monday night (at 9.15pm – what an ungodly hour!) and Ash (the vet) was so happy that everything has turned out so good. I just have to eat the last of the antibiotics pills (who minds – mom always put them into meatballs) just to be on the safe side. But as always when I’m on antibiotics, my ears act up, so now they have to drip them drops down my ear tubes again…At last I’m let out of that boorish collar and I’m goooood, no licking at all = everyone is happy – high paw!

I have to confess that I got quite distressed there, some kid was crying and people running around. Mom told me in the car that it was a small GS pup (only 11 weeks old) that had been attacked and was in soooo much pain. Even though he did get two shots, he still whimpered and shook. Poor poor baby.

I don’t know what has gotten into mom, but all of the sudden she keeps us upstairs – both when she is there or – when we are left alone in the house. I strongly suspect it has something to do with that large,new thing they have in the living room and that horrible mischief me and sis was up to a couple of months ago. Well, I don’t think it was mischief at all…..more like a war of the pillows. You should have seen it, it was like snowing indoors or something 😀 OK, mom cried and almost fainted when she came home and found out and after that it was verrry uncomfortable to lay on the residues of that couch. Well, it was about time they did something about that if you ask me, but how much fun is that if we only get to lay there when we are accompanied??

Mom got home after work (and grocery shopping) a bit confused. She told us that they (trafikverket) had done some major changes round her work and even if it was no problem to get there, getting out of there was hassle. Look here – you have to drive around the building (yup, she works in that large thing and when I was small, I got to get there  too. Nowadays alas there are new no-pet rules 😦 ) and then keep your tongue in cheek to be able to choose the right lanes. Which she didn’t…..the only comforting thing she said, was that she was not alone getting astray 😉 Well, me and Arwen is happy she made it back home. Period.

Well, now I can rest,run and have fun for a month, cause Ash and mom decided that I’m not to have the second surgery until 10th of January =  yayyyy.

Waving paws all around.

Fiona and  – of course little Arwen