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I know that this is one more American thing we have incorporated into our way of life (there are some that believe that we Swedes come second the be Americans to – The Americans), but I swear – a couple of years ago I have absolutely no clue about what cupcakes was. I had read about them, but never seen any IRL. But now they are really the fad and there are even a Swedish cook book on how to make them and guess what, I have it :-). At Gateau bakery down in Edsviken they sell smallish (maybe 5cm high), in three different tastes that is really good. I even got a ready-bake kit in a grocery store the other week, but that did not turn out especially well…. well they did disappear from the fridge though ;-9

So the kind Karen at the Pickle Road heard my call and sent me some recipes and today I made on of them. A vanilla cup cake, but I changed the frosting from a vanilla butter one, to a butter, cream cheese, cacao and coffee one – kind of tweaking a recipe in that book. The only thing is, I can’t find any cup cake paper forms….just ordinary muffin ones. So I used my muffin pan, lined them with ordinary cinnamon bun liners and that resulted in rather large cup cakes….something in between a muffin and a cupcake:

here with a huge dollop of frosting

😀 The frosting is goooood, guess how I know LOL.

Last night: Oven baked corn chicken, gratin aux potato and for desert??? CUP CAKES. All had two each while watchin Machete (yick what a truly bad movie) – talked about filled up. This morning I found some cup cake sets with paper liners and decorating things at Amazon.uk. Wonder what The Dh will say if I serve  a whole load of the for desert at a dinner party???

The new couch is here and it’s HUGE!! Big enough to seat four and two dogs LOL. Haven’t let the dogs near it, they can stay on the top floor – just so ;-p Our very great looking rectangular sofa table, look kind of puny in front of it though :-O, but so far I have not found anything larger that talked to me….

Wonder if the mail girl will bring my bobbin cases and Blinc mascara today??? Nope, nothing fun in the mailbox at all.

Of to surf FQS to see if I can find any charmpacks to make a new table runner of.