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Thew bobbin case has yet not showed up, so after breakfast and morning paper in bed, I go kind of restless and packed up the Horizon, brought out the 6600 and set it up. Only two seams to sew and the top of the Butterfly Garden BOM by Leanne Beasley was finished.

Took it outside to take some photos, better light out there than inside, but still no enough to do the piece justice. Well, it’s December in Sweden, so what did you expect?

It turned out kind of pretty, I like it (but is not in lovve with it) and I am almost very pleased with my stitcheries and appliques, but I have no clue whatsoever on what to do with it. I think I said it before, in this house (large as it is) there are no free wall on which to hang it. There are furnitures, bookcases and wardrobes all around. I mean, if it was pictures and paintings that was in the way, it would have been easy, but now …..no place 😦 And – I have no idea how to quilt it – the mini blocks are so small and laden with appliques and stitcheries and the borders round them are only 1 inch wide. Maybe I can just fuse some thin batting I have left and be done with it? And further more – what colors to use for the borders? Decisions, decisions….I can’t decide. And finally – what to do next? I have some ordinary sewing stuff that I “need” to do, more about that later.

Heavy winds, only +2C (was below freezing until some hour ago) and grey skies – can’t decide wether to do some errands or stay put inside, reading and munching jelly beans ;-o I think the latter will win out.

Have a lovely weekend all!