There are probably a lot more moms out there who have (had) one focal point when it comes to parenting and that is – Never be like my own mother! And I mean that in a very solid way, nothing wishy-washy at all – I never ever have treated nor will treat my kids like that.

And so far I think I have succeeded and at times, overly so. I have to stop and wonder – what did I do to for my boys behave like this? Like yesterday when Sam took the window scraper from the car and raked all windows on his own accord? And this morning when John left the car outside the school with a “thank you Mom”. Come to think about it, I think both of them do the mornings when I drive them to school….I don’t think I ever requested that from them, most kids just exits without a word. They always say “thanks mom” after dinner, whenever we shop for clothes, when they get some treat………always a pleasant gratefulness. I can’t remember that I have been on them about this; they do it by themselves 🙂 .

Then it hit me, I might have been the one showing the way? I do my best (but at times I do fail and is sadly bitchy) to be nice and say thank you to SAs, cashiers, teachers, lab people and doctors etc. Be nice and kind to people at work (although I at times fume on the inside) …always, always tell the kids how great they are and how proud I am that they are my kids, say thank you when they help me out….well even praise The DH from time to time, not that often though – don’t wanna spoil him <G>.

But don’t for a minute think I always been this nice…………there was a time when I did live my nick Wolfie ;-p to the hilt or as I started an introduction for one of my former clients with: “I’m 51% sweetheart, 49% bitch – don’t push it”!! HA, you should have sen the look on their faces ;-oSomewhere along the line (like 10 yrs ago) after hitting the wall big-time, I realized that nothing got better by being a witchy bitch (me and Fiona have shared the epithet – Queen Bitch of the Universe ROFLMAO) and – if I was nice and friendly, not only did I get great services, but I could make other people feel better about themselves. But still, the bitch shines through at times (I’m only human you know), not often, but she does when I’m not myself. Maybe that behavior (nice not bitch) has kind of transferred to my kids by look’n learn? I like to thinks so, that is some way I’m a nicesessity (I know there isn’t such a word, so I invented it) role model to them? One can always hope 😉

Sam has gone climbing, John is WoWing and the dogs are snoring. Still no bobbin case, so no sewing.

Friday night – shrimps, chili aioli,  fresh oven baked baguette and some runny cheeses.

PS If anyone might wonder – my kids are the nicest. Of course they can throw a tantrum,but these moments are far apart 🙂