Today is one of these days….. went to look for throws, pillows and curtains at Indiska (some vamping of the living room for the arrival of the new coach). The throws was ugly, maybe a pillow (not sure what the DH would think) and found one – ONE single curtain that I really liked. And I need four…. Came home with two nice jars for the bathroom and two tiny plates to serve small stuff like garlic butter and one tbs porcelain measure spoon with a dahlia painted on it.

The DH has by some mysterious reason got the idea that we ought to have a plastic (all earlier years he have been totally again it) Christmas tree instead of the usual real one. Reasons? Oh, it’s so hard to find a good looking one. They shed needles. And it’s such a hassle to get it out….Lordy me, why don’t we just cancel celebrating Christmas? I mean, none of us believe in Christ, it’s such a hassle for me to purchase and prepare all Christmas foods and stuff and get the gifts for the kids and….. and – all four of us have the things we need. – right? Gahhhhh!!

Good and bad: The swelling on Fiona’s hind leg has disappeared, but there is a lump just beneath the scar. If it’s bad or not, I can’t honestly say, but she don’t seem to be in pain. So I think I give it some time and wait for the vets appointment on Monday night. But let her of the collar and she starts to lick the area when she think you don’t see her 😦

F-ng hell, Sam did get a bad allergic reaction from his much beloved Essence of Sam perfume, The middle of his chest (where he sprayed itI) was full of spots. Not spot-spots, but allergic itching ones. Hope some OTC hydro cortisone salve will relieve them. I did know that for some, vanilla can be a nasty sensitive but I never thought Sam would suffer from it since vanilla is is favorite scent 😦

No package from 11.se with my face creams, no package from the US with Blinc mascara and eyeliner and no package from Amazon. uk – Blaaaaahaaaaa.

Homemade Thai yellow Curry for dinner.