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  • The first snow for the season is falling here in Stockholm, but thankfully it’s + 2.4C, so it will not stay. Growing up in the northern parts where it was snow from October to late April, I am no big fan of winters and snow….
  • My beloved Horizon (sewing machine) went into something like a cardiac arrest in the middle of sewing a simple straight seam. A huge clonk, a bang and then grounding stop and the “Security Stop” in the window. The needle got stuck in the down position and it was impossible to move it either by button or by the hand wheel. Unscrewed the cover and found that the bobbin case had moved out of it’s hole and to the right and was stuck too. Turn of turn on turn….nothing worked. Used the brush to gently poke various parts and after a while, the bobbin case kind of slid back to the middle and the needle was movable again. Changed the broken needle and re-threaded, tried to sew some but the machine gave up an ungodly noise like goals from the other side. Even Sam commented and said it sounded no good. To make a long story shorter, after trying gout this and that, I checked the bobbin case over and over, I found that round one half of the outside where nicks and scratches and that several plastic chips where missing. Tried the bobbin case from the 6600 and the machine ran silently. Hmmm, probable ought to take it in for a checkup, at least to find where these small black plastic parts has gone.
  • Due to this I haven’t been able to finish the Butterfly Garden top…..but it just hit me, I do have the 6600 (nobody has bought it) and it runs very well = hurray. There is a meaning to all things, big and small.
  • Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to bring Fiona to the vets to get the stitches and clamps removed. Bet she’s gonna be a happy girl after that, being rid of that lampshade collar for a while.
  • Sam has worked very hard on the new parts of the “Book about me” that they have as an assignment in Swedish class – the first school ball, my first company party and a family holiday – all in the future is what he had to write about. After much agonizing, testing this or that, he is now finished and prints it all so he can turn in in tomorrow. He’s so good and lordy me, what an imagination 😀
  • Poor John sis still ill, low grade fever remains and that bad cough, so he starts on his second week home from school tomorrow 😦
  • If you want to see a truly scary movie, see Insidious. Can’t remember when I jumped so much or put my hands over my eyes. A good kind of scare though. Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey JR and Jude Law was also quite good. Not scary, but good. And do you wan to see a truly funny movie, watch “Kick Ass”. I almost fell of the couch at times.
  • Talking of couches, OMG how much we long for our new, dreamy divan couch to arrive, They say week No 50, but wonders have happened and who knows, it might be delivered early??
  • To have something to read over the holidays, I have ordered a substantial amount of books from Amazon. UK – 11 new reads :-O My only defense is that they now offer free shipping even outside of Britain and that makes books so much cheaper than here in Sweden – like half the price! More yay. And books and fabrics are almost the only thing I spend money on for myself and an occasional bottle of nail polish ;-9

Well, time to turn out the lamp and try to fall asleep