Well this is me, caught in that infernal, everlasting lampshade collar:

The only good thing is that nice red/white/blue strip Mom made me to tie the collar instead of that horrible gauze string I got from the vets – I do care about my looks, you know. Ha, if she let me out of it for a minute and leave me to myself, I can’t stand that itch from the stitches and clamps and just have to lick and gnaw at them a bit. I know I’m bad (and Mom get absolutely livid), but just can’t help myself there ;-9 They are so right, those who say Ridgebacks are xtremely intelligent. Not in a “I do whatever you say” way like Shelties do, but in a “don’t tell me what to do – either I know or I find out” kind of way;-). So I figured out a way to get out of that funnel thing – if I insert one of my claws ( front paw) beneath the funnel, right behind my ear and pretend to scratch, I can force the collar of my head. How about that for creativity – huh? Well ever since Mom caught me, she has tied that ribbon a bit tighter. War of the brains…..LOL. BTW, did you know that RR have a great sense of humor? Well at least I do (can’t talk for Arwen here), my favorite thing of all the antics we can come up with is; at the dark ages (at least 5-6 months here) is to stand in wait in one corner of the front fence, just waiting for some un-suspectful human  being to pass by. Then I trot silently along the fence pacing them (the have nooooo idea I’m there), I am of a hunter origin you know and when they come abreast with the gate, I jump up and bark like mad. So far non have fainted (or died of heart failure), but the screams they let out…..hehehehe.

Well, the vet surgeon called last night and talked to Mom for a while.  She told dad (but she knows I’m not stupid, so of course I listened in) that the tumors they cut out are malignant (sigh), but – the pathologist had said that they had taken out enough tissue around the teats, that no tumor cells was remaining = yayy. So when they have taken out the two right sided teats, I ought to be on the safe side. Specially since Mom has to exam the rest of my boobs every month from now on. Kind of kinky if you ask me, but if the doc said so, then she better comply, cause I can’t bloody well die now, can I? I mean – who’s gonna take care of Mom then I might ask? I saved her life a couple of time by just being my normal caring self (another great Ridgeback trait) and she loves me to bits (no strange thing if you ask me, I am pretty marvelous) – I am her very first pet ever LOL. OK, Dad is the funniest and never have us do boring stuff and we always get sooo excited when he comes home. But me and Mom have this kind of special bond, a girly kissy kind of relationship – when she gets home, I am the first one to kiss her – twice and I love to lie next to her. If she is really in need, I put my head on her tummy or chest, with my nose up her throat – that always make these wet things that humans shed from their eyes, dribble down her nose ;-p

Well, John have told me to live another 6 years, so I better comply ;-o Not that my mighty and noble race has such a life expectancy, but hey – I am still feisty as a spring chicken at times (you should see me let loose in the mushroom forrest), so with a lot of TLC I might hold on for quite a few years:-D

Coming Monday me and Mom are going to see the vet surgeon to take out the stitches and clamps (wonder if they sedate me to take out them clamps??) plus decide when to do the next surgery. If you ask me, I can wait until after Christmas so I get the opportunity to run like the wind and be free of that danged lampshade collar for a while. Dad thinks it’s better to have it done and be over with ….. well, I think we leave that decision to Ash, very handsome and nice that one is for a human being ;-9

All this writing has tired me out, but who knows I might write again and if I ever can persuade her that this is fun, Arwen get to write a line or two 🙂