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I don’t know about you, but when I near the end (like the No 8 BOM of the Butterfyl Garden BOM above) of piecing a top (the actual quilting and binding still ahead of me), I start to think about what to do next. Think and think – it is quite mind and time consuming ;-). Specially when I’m not looking for a gift project, but something for my own amusement or/and – self education/enhancement of my skills.

While working on this Butterfly Garden BOM, I’ve come to realise that I realy like doing applique. Well there aren’t any advanced ones in this project, but they look kind of cute anyhow and hand stitiching them make me want to go further. One of the books I got in the sale at C&T Publishing was “Quilted Garden Delights” by Holly and Diane Knott and (IMHO ?) most projects don’t do the transfer from the paintings into the quilts (feel free to hit me over the head) all that well, I think that with some (a lot) of threadwork they would turn out even better.. There is one painting I found rather cute (page 33) and I think I’ll be able to enhance the applique pattern even further. Yeahhh, I know –  a bit conceited LOL, but when you see something and your creative mind goes pop-pop-pop, that must be a good sign – huh?

When it comes to the Butterfly Garden top, I am on the last BOM and honest to xxx this is not my style at all. I mean, of course I love the outcome and I do think I have done a good job, taking into consideration that I’ve hardly done any applique and no stitchery before (although I do know my embroidery stitches). Not only do we have no free wall space to hang it on, even if I would take down a painting or two. Nor would it fit into our home decor style…. it’s more for a cottage or small rural manor. I simply have no clue on what on hearth to do with it. That makes the thought of going through the trouble of sandwiching, quilting (as I said before, how the beep do you quilt that %#¤&?) and binding it kind of totaly uninteresting. Like – why on earth should I bother? I mean, it’s not something you could put fleece as the back and snuggle under due to all them stitcheries and handsewn appliques. No it’s that kind of quilt you hang on a wall, a focal point. It’s kind of sad, since I’ve put some much work into it and …..well, there might be someone out there who will give it a new loving home? ;-D

PS Fiona is on the mend, but has to wear that hated lampshade collar, since being let without for only a minute, she start to lick the scar and stitches 😦