I am lucky, my kids don’t fight very much. They can tease and be somewhat nasty, but never beyond that. And every now and then the Band of Brothers lighten up my day. Like this afternoon.

John has quite a challange when it comes to math, it takes a while for the different aspects to “click” and for tomorrow he has a sustantial homework. he started on it yesterday, but somehow confused which pages to do. Sooo he had to do it all today. After a while he was on his way downstairs to ask me this or that, when sam stopped and asked if he could help. They went back upstairs and I did not hear a single beep…. Quite later John came downstairs and told me Sam had helped him out and now the entire homework was finished. WOW! I’m starting to think that Sam is a way much better educationalist than I will ever be 😉

On the other hand, I read a part in one of Sam’s school books (he’s having a test tomorrow), so I could be able to help him answering studying questions. Since I pre-read The Hunger Games that they has as an assignment in Swedish class, I found that if I read first and then him, our discussions get so much clear and focused. And what do you know, I seem to learn entirely new things every now and then – teach a dog new tricks and all that 😀