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Here is Sweden there is something called “Jantelagen”, which means  “The Law of Jante”. And that law say something like “never believe that you are/amounts to anything. = don’t let your successes get to your head or pride yourself or……

Now isn’t that the most stupid thing you have heard in your life? And what an idiotic way to bring up your children, not telling them they do great? I was brought up that way, nothing I ever did was good enough and that made me take a wow – never in my life I would do that to my own kids. And I haven’t. I praise them no matter what!

And – I’ve taught myself to break that “law”, to be able to take pride in things I’ve done and created – back in time and today. Like I made the most sexy evening gown when I was 19 – OMG, fire engine red silk jersey with the most plunging halter neck – you know I’m still proud of it. And I made the most lovely wedding dress for a friend of mine. And that I didn’t give up, but got my kids from the other side of the world, went to France alone for 2 weeks, got my drivers license even though I’m a bit over the hills ROFLMAO and not only do I quilt, I make botanical perfumes as well and – I’m quite good at it. In fact, that’s what my teacher at GIP summer school in Grasse told me 😀 I have made some perfumes over the years that I still think is good, among them a variation of a true eau de cologne, that I called “Howl at the moon” (you know the Wolfie theme) and one of the very first I made for a group swap called “Amulette”.

So today I froze, filtered and bottled “Essence of Sam” into a real perfume bottle (at Sam’s request) and the whole house smell like heaven:

and I’m so friggin pleased with it!!! For a long time I have tried to create an incensy type of ‘fume, but honestly, so far I never got it right, no matter ambrein, birch tar and oud. At least not right for me. But this vanilla dream that Sam ordered turned out like burnished, vannilish overloaded dream with a hint of that incense I was looking for. I have some on and every breath I take is so delish, so pleasing, so comforting and yup, a wee bit sexy as well…urgently neck nuzzling required ;-o . Sam came home happy to see his own bottle with his very own label and thought the house smell great. Going to be interesting to hear what he thinks of the Essence on him, can only hope he don’t get the urge to nuzzle anything on anyone, not just yet ROTFLMFAO.

So that Jante can show his law up where the sun don’t shine :-O