I don’t think I told you, but when we met the surgeon vet on Friday morning, he found not one, but five tumors. Three on the back left side and three on the right. Since they can’ remove all in one go, he decided to take out the left ones since they where the largest – like small marbles. The left side will be removed at a later time.

After a quite agonizing day, me and The DH went and pick her up at 6.45pm (they rescheduled the operating slots, so Fi turn came later than we though). After a bit of waiting they brought her out and surprisingly she wasn’t as wobbly as I would have thought (from previous experiences), just looked a bit down having to wear a lampshade (Elizabethan collar) and low key “happy to see ya”. Hmm, for those of us who have undergone major anesthesia, knows exactly how Fiona felt 😉

We had a full A4 letter with instructions, all from “Fiona’s going to lay on a soft blanket on the floor with some warm blanket to cover her” to “Fiona can have dinner, but only half a portion and if she doesn’t have her appetite back by tomorrow, call us”. OK, those of you who knows a Rhidgeback, knows that you can’t tell them what to do – they know best.” Laying on the floor said Fiona – you got to be f-n kidding me, there are two perfectly good couches!! I have an apetite (didn’t get any breakfast – if you know what I mean) so starting to eat just my kibbles, when I have dad who happily feed me pancakes? And meatballs? Mom almost got ballistic there, since she had saved them balls to hide my meds in”.

Well she ate, she made pee-pee and slept and then (due to the softy DH) she got to sleep in our bed for the night, much to Arwen’s frustration.

Yesterday Fiona spent most of her time by my side in our bed:

And yeah, she got to sleep with us last night too and probably will until she has her stitches removed. That way we have full control over her and she don’t have to wear that hated lampshade ;-o So she’s on antibiotics for 10 days and a combo anti inflammatory/painkiller for 3. The latter is in fluid form and is dribbled over her kibbles, the first….I insert them into meatballs;-) – one meatball, chin up, swallow, one more meatball, chin up…..and then half  a meatball for good behavior LOL.

Since that sheet of instructions said “short walks on the leash- 4×10 min”,  I did my share and zoowie – she still remembers all obedience training we did “pre. Arwen”!!! Must confess that I don’t think I ever walked Fiona by herself since we go little A….but seeing Fiona’s happy trot to be on her won, makes me think that we might keep this schedule for now on. Happy me cause I’m proud we did it so well that it still sticks and happy Fiona, cause she got to have the Frolic treats all to herself 😀

So now we just have to wait for the pathologist (or is is ME or ???) report wether the tumors are benign or malign…..vojjne mig……

I think I have to do some sewing to take my mind of things …