At least when it comes to photos, cause the daylight has been …..well not light, the last couple of days. I did try to take some pics of Bom No 6 under the kitchen fan, but I doubt they are any good.

Today I finished piecing BOM No 8 and will start on the appliques and stitcheries tomorrow. With only one more BOM to go (there are 9 of them in the finished top), I’ve started to think about what fabrics to use in the border/s and the binding and after looking through all pink/yellow/blue and green fabrics at TOB and came to the conclusion that since the entire BOM is so full of different fabrics in these colors (with lots of appliques), the prints have to be very “quiet”. I managed to find a few, plus some cute Christmassy ones (you know the kind that are sweet, but you have no clue about that to use them for LOL) and they are all laying in my shopping basked, eagerly waiting for me to push the check-out button.

Tomorrow is another day 🙂