Even though The DH said “why don’t you go, it might be fun” I never mustered up the energy to go to the Sewing Festival. Today. I had the idea of going tomorrow and be there when they open (then I can with good conciseness take the car instead of the commuter train) at 10am and get a decent parking space. But look at the time! Two DVDs (Top Gun & Saving Private Ryan) after dinner (homemade suykiaki) on the screen with the new fancy projector and the time just flied until it was xtremely unusually late for me…. I’ll bet I’ll not be out of bed at 9am tomorrow morning.

But John and his friends had a great time at the Gamex fair, even though the entrance fee was exorbitant (160SEK for kids over 10) and the sodas expensive, they spent three hours there checking everything out. Tehe, John is like us (and his friends seem the same way) – he just hate to queue. He rather not do something (like going on the Flumeride at Liseberg) than standing in a silly long long queue and waste his time ;-o So when some other friends from class queued for over 1 hr to check out some console game, John, Arwid and Inti just shook their heads and walked around, chilling out. I am kind of proud of my marvelous son (in very many ways) and he’s growing up (I can still get a flashback to GotchaDay), he counts the months until he turn 13 (4 more to go) and goes on outings with his friends every now and then. And as the wise Mom I am – I let him have more and more freedom, cause he never misuses my trust. So far ;-9

Absolutely time to turn out the land and invite Mr Sandman and no – that is not The DH ROFLMAO. He’s at his computer playing some game 😉 Nightynight.